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If I plug numbers in to simulate your approximate conditions I show 42.5 inches. I am a bit nose heavy by design, so your more rear balance should be to your advantage in getting lift off. Being this far forward I probably have more like 3/8" up reflexor. How hard are you working the elevators to get lift?
Do you know the incidence of the canard?
Lynn French

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Did more taxi testing today. Had it up to 85 MPH but the LS1 canard seems glued to the runway. Tried different refex setting all the way up to 1/4 inch up with no results. Still glued to runway. Thought the canard should lift at this speed.

Beginning to think it's time to recheck weight and balance. Right now with me, full header and 7 main, it's at 43.98 inches. Nose wheel weight with this load is 298 lbs, right wheel 330lbs, left wheel 387lbs.

Looking for any input from you TRI-Q flyers as to refex settings, weight and balance, and takeoff speeds etc.

Thanks much
Bob Clark
Ankeny Iowa

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