Re: Tailspring


A 5/8 diameter 4130 hardened rod should be a great deal stronger ands
stiffer than that of the original S-glass 5/8 diameter tail spring. I am not too
sure what the spring rate of the original 5/8 S-glass spring is, but would it
not be good to design a spring steel tail spring with about he same spring
rate as that of the original? If not, then what would be the optimum spring
rate? It could be designed to a specific spring rate through lathe turning to
a specific diameter and then hardening to a specific hardness range. It
then might be 5/8 at both ends but narrowed in the middle. There are some good
stainless grade spring steels also that could be used. Any ideas on refining
this idea and we could make up a batch.

Phil Lankford

Still working on getting some EDM time to build a VG flat pattern die and
Punch. I haven't forgotten about you , Raoul.

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