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Sam Hoskins

Chris, I think that was probably Doug Humble with the rope suggestion.

BTW, seriously consider weighting down the tail. Even though the wheels are
locked, a hearty dose of RPMs can pull it up over the front. To
mistake-proof my weight on the tail, I have a REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT tag which
I clip to the throttle. After the engine starts I remove the flag from the
throttle and clip it back onto the tail weight, which I then remove.

The other method that I use is a nylon strap, with a kwick clip. I position
the tail over a suitable tiedown then wrap the strap over the tail. It is
already mistake-proofed against forgetting to remove it, since I can't move
with it still attached.

I'm just too stubborn to get a starter.

Sam Hoskins
Torreon, Coahulia, Mexico

On 4/23/07, chris rayner <chris-rayner@...> wrote:

Guys, maybe a couple of years ago, I made a mental note to remember a
suggestion from someone - on the list or in Q-Talk. I was getting near to
finishing my Q-200 t/dragger (only about 18 months to go) and would be
pleased to need what was suggested. Last month I tried them and they worked
What? Pieces of thick rope to use as chocks which are light and fit under
the wheel pants. I use two pieces of 1" thick, white nylon mooring rope, 2
feet long each. As I hand swing and have no hand brake this solves a
So take a bow, whoever; and thanks.
Chris Rayner (no more fear of chasing my plane down the runway..)
PS, tying the tail down is safer - to avoid nose over, but not always

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