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Larry, here is an excellent way to do it. Put a hinge at the bottom. Take
a look at this link.

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Update on weight and balance on my tri-q 200. Moved the 15 lbs.
battery from 80 to 155 and the nosegear weight went from 289lbs. to
266lbs. Empty cg went from 38.84 to 40.49inches. Completed new
weight and balance. With me and full fuel it now has a cg of 44.83.
I may move my battery back there. How did you create the attack
fittings to allow removing the tail with the battery back there?

By the way, thank you again for send me the TriQ construction manual.
On my return from the jean fly-in, I had to take a pass at CNO due to
500ft overcast and mist, and ended up at Hesperia where I found my
main gear splayed forward to the point that the aft end cleared the
ground by about 3 inches. I also couldn't get the engine to start.
Tomorrow, I take the tools (and your gift) to fix the gear. For the
engine, I will walk across the street and talk to Revmaster (their
home - luck for once).

Now at 80 mph I can lift the canard off the runway and run the full
length. What a difference the cg made! It does take most of the
elevator to get the canard to lift -- just wondering if this is
normal? At 85 mph the right wheel came off but I shut it down! Think
we were close to flying. Just looking for imput from tri-q flyers.
I found with the splayed gear, I got airborne at 65MPH. The problem
is getting the canard into the same AOA of the tail dragger.

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