Re: TriQ problems

Richard Thomson

I would try to talk to Scott Swing for his advice as the designer of the
gear, as he may have different ideas than the contractor who made them.

Its looks a similar item to the Varieze and Longeze undercart bow, but that
was made out of roving glass (by Fred Jiran for the Varieze, ) which was
woven into shape and then heat cured if I remember rightly. There were
similar problems noted in the CP's ( canard pusher newsletters, cp57 p10 ).
with sagging but that was due to heat generated from bigger brakes ( 500 x
5 ) and was at the lower end of the leg it seems and was cured with a heat
But if the Tri Q is using a lower grade epoxy or lay up technique, the solar
heating may be a contributory factor.

Richard Thomson
Weston s Mare , UK
Tri-Q 200 G-BMFN Approaching rebirth

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