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Richard Thomson

Hi Chris, Yes of course the periscope is positive pressure, I
realised the fopah just as I sent it. But you have set me thinking
that perhaps it is not the best design or in the best place,
especially if you end up in the upside down position we have been
discussing lately. I need to investigate the plumbing and see where
it all goes. On the Viggen there are some one way valves on the vents
which may be an option to control out flows in the accident scenario.
Hasn't someone already modified the header tank to improve its
crashworthiness ?
Have you found your Sparrow drawings yet ?

Richard Thomson

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Hi Richard, the way I see it is - is the top filler useful? I never
used it to fill or to inspect. Is it a liability - yes, I tried to
make sure it didn't leak by increasing the force on the seal and
failed. For me it's too dangerous to take any more chances. OK so I'm
still fairly new, but I haven't inspected the inside of either the
header or the main tank because I haven't needed to. If I need to
work on them, I'd rather cut a hole and glue it back again
afterwards - safer. It doesn't mean someone else can't make the
header filler seal properly - maybe full on mine is a higher level
than some others. But for me - enough.
My vent points forward from under the canard. Whether it's at top
or bottom, it's designed to increase fuel system pressure, so makes
the possibility of a leak greater especially if the the seal is
Chris Rayner.

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Hi Chris,

Although you may not use the upper filler to fill the tank, you
can use
it to inspect the tank if you need to , and work through it if
necessary. I
could not remove the filler when I first got mine, it was stuck
solid, and
took a bit of working to get it out.
Would'nt altering the compression on the rubber to force it
tighter in
place, or a larger plug not be a better option ?
The periscope vent is loose on mine and needs sorting, but I
would have
thought that it would have stopped any pressuring of the header ?

Richard Thomson
Weston s Mare , UK
Tri-Q 200 G-BMFN

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