Re: Elevator Universal Joint

Richard Thomson

So how many balance weights are the best way to go ? If you have just
one large one, which on mine is on the right hand torque tube, the
weight of balancing the left one is borne by all the flying controls
rod ends and the welded assembly. I was considering a mirror
installation for the left hand side, which will end up with half the
weight either side, but evenly balanced. My thinking is that this
will reduce any play in the controls being expressed at the elevators.
What do you guys think.

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Jerry I agree with Larry's advice to fit two push rods. No universal
required, no free play .



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Spent the day putting in the new universal joint. Just as bad as
old one. Sooooooo, I'm still looking for a solution.

Jerry Marstall wrote:

Thanks for responding. The one I now have in there is the covered,
greased type. Very hard to detect the play until you have the
edge of the elevator to reference. The further aft you get from
joint the more visible the play is. I came across another one
that seems
to be better but still has some play in it. Going to give it a
thanks again for your help.

Richard Thomson wrote:

I have several new apex joints from A/S used on my other
project, and
they are solid units. the old ones were open, but the ones I
now are
covered and greased, much better if not cheap.

Chris / Kevin

I have the single weight on the Tri Q200, but I was going to
fit two on
rebuild, as otherwise the weight is taken by the control
quadrant, so
stressing it.

Richard Thomson
Weston s Mare , UK
Tri-Q 200 G-BMFN
richard@cloudland. <>

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