Re: OshkoshForum


I moderated a pretty good forum at 4pm Friday. We used up the whole 1:15.
About 25 people attended which was more than I expected. There were a coupla new
guys who got answers and met the "network" of hard core Q-guys that
usually populate this event. No earth shattering concerns popped up. We have a big
handful of 1000+ hour airframes still flying and several 20+years old but
less than 1000 so we have a pretty stabilized design.
Purchasers of started kits were urged to pay special attention to integrity
of the fuel tanks and the danger of blue foam in contact with fuel.

On another note: 2 P-51's had a fender bender Fri on landing. One fatality.
Anybody heard any details. A couple attendees landed on local roads early in
the week and somebody's bird flipped over on landing rollout. It can be a
real circus out there so you must be paying attention at all times.

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