Emporia Hotel Deal!


Hi Everybody,

Been lurking here lately, and have been horribly busy with my opera company's latest presentation which closed? 3 weeks ago, and it was terrific.. we got great reviews, and had some amazing singers with us... so now, i can collapse, and then?get back to my airplane and get it finished... soon!? Check out? my company's website at www.trinitylyricopera.org?? to get an idea of what we accomplished this year with a rarely performed gem.

Really looking forward to this year's?Emporia Fly-in ?as much as always, and already have my airline reservations all squared away too.? The GOOD NEWS, is that i also just finished getting a great hotel deal arranged for us at the Days Inn, where i was able to negotiate an amazing price for us as a group, just like?last year.? Turns out that he said the rates have gone up since last year, but the manager is willing to match the same rates he gave us last year, $39 for a single, and $45 for a double... man, you can't beat that anywhere, even on Priceline!!? The number at Days Inn is 620-342-1787, and you need to ask for "The Flyer's Special", tell them that you are part of the Quickie Aircraft Group.? The Manager there said that last year, we were the best group they had ever had there, so that's a great testimony to our group - let's make sure they still remember us as a great group to have!

I asked him to reserve a block of rooms for us for people coming in on the 20th or the 21st, and all leaving on the 23rd.? I figure that's about when the vast majority of us will be coming and going.

Anyway, just wanted to pass this on, so most of us can all stay at the same place... it was nice and clean, and had a huge pool area, and lots of room for us to gab after we get back from the airport in the evenings.? See you all there!

All the best,

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