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There are pilots over 6'2" and over 200#'s, but the fit might not be
that easy. Mine was set up for 6'2" pilot and I hit my 5'7" head/set
on the canopy when I move forward 2" and reduce the seat cushion. I
also have to set up the rudder pedals just right to avoid the bulkhead
stiffeners. Weight-wise, most people have to economize as it is, so
yeah you might give up on passengers; but a few familiarization
flights as a passenger is considered mandatory before flying it
yourself, and you might have more trouble finding someone to take you
up. Finally, consider also building/maintaining. I'm 175# and have a
hard time getting into the legwell to work on the rudder pedals, fuel
system, panel connections, etc. (You can open the fuselage split to
work on the battery and such.) Even if you get a panel that can be
removed in its entirety, you have to work on plumbing.

As for engines, I've only seen flying O-200's and a couple Revmasters,
though Alan Thayer's Jabiru always seems almost ready to go. W&B
would be easy to mess up in these planes.

Your airpark would need a 3000+' long and 50-75' wide runway (low
enough for hot summer afternoons?).

That said, if you fly into LVK I can show you a couple planes (Sorry,
no rides). Email me directly.


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Hi Dennis,

The Q2/200 could easily handle your size as a single pilot. One
option would be to leave out the center consolen and set up side stick
controls. There are plans for dual side sticks which could be
modified for a single side stick..You could utilize the original VW
engine for economy. Or move up to the O-200 with extra fuel for a
single seat screamer. Several other engine options are available..QAC
did not recommend the Q2 as an IFR platform, but you would still have
the Moony if you had to go in marginal weather.



Dennis Gentry <dennis.gentry@...> wrote:

I've been flying since the mid 80s, almost exclusively a Mooney 252
for the
last 10 years. I've been interested in building a Quickie since I
was a kid
and saw the Popular Science article.

Here's the tricky part. I'm 6' 8" and have weighed as much as 290 lbs so
I'm not sure I'll fit in a Quickie. (I have always been pretty
in our Mooney.) Is there anyone in the SF Bay Area (or an hour's
Mooney 252
flight within the SF Bay Area, which gets me to Reno) who would be
to let me try on their Q-200 or similar for size? One possible
eventual use
for a Quickie for me would be to commute a couple of days a week from an
airpark in the Sierra foothills to the SF Bay Area. I could do that
in the
252, but it's a tad expensive. The Quickies are some of the few A/C that
are more efficient than Mooneys!

I saw the August event in Livermore, but wasn't sure if it was going to
happen this year. If it did and I haven't already missed it, it would be
great to see a bunch of flying Quickies, even if I don't end up building


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