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Mike, He should be home any time. He had a LOOOOONG flight.


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I found Earnest contact info and shot him a quick e-mail. I could not find info on Jerry Marshall - would you happen to know his contact info on the message board (or e-mail).



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Michael.You need to contact Earnest Martin and Jerry Marshall. They both live close to you and can answer any Tri-Q questions.Steve Ham----- Original Message ----- From: mtyquinn665 To: Q-LIST@... Sent: Friday, September 21, 2007 8:28 AMSubject: [Q-LIST] tri-q kitI have an "untouched" kit that I am gathering ALL the information and knowledge before beginning. One of my intentions is to make this a Tri-Q but I have only found one source (so far) of the gear and they do not have the nose gear strut now. Does everyone use the Scotts Swings main gear? I see some articles about buildup of a main hoop but mostly for the EZ, VE, and other composite - but nothing specific to the Tri-Q200. I have typed tri-q on the forum and have not seen anything that is getting me closer to the answer (can or should I build my own?) Things that I contemplate - design, time, and cost. I want it safe. I want it be able to do it if it is a reasonable sub project. I want to keep it in a reasonable budget.Michael QuinnTri-Q (2 be)Charlotte, NC

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