Jerry Marstall <jnmarstall@...>

As darkness crept into the mountains, Nancy and I slithered into Asheville around 8:00pm after a day of chasing Earnest and Donna through the sky. The Sundowner did its noble job well.

As usual, it was just fantastic seeing all of you good people and continuing on with a tradition that is so valuable to all of us. This event is what puts the fire back into the builders. It magnifies the joy of flying one of these birds. This tradition must continue because I can't imagine even one of us working our tail off for years so he can fly to the FOD only to find out that one isn't going to be held that year. BUMMERRRRRRRRRR!!! Traditions much endure.

Spud now, and others in the past, have perpetuated this tradition and we want to add our THANKS!!!
Glad to hear everyone got home safely and can't wait to see all you nuts again next year.
Jerry & Nancy

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