2007 FOD


I made it back to Cuba, MO safe and sound in my 20 year old Dragonfly. Stopped at Warrensburg, MO on the way home to visit with my son who is attending the University of Central MO (UCM). He is on the UCM flying team and they were doing spot landing try-outs. I landed on runway 18 during their practice this morning and (although I did not see their chalk lines on the runway) I missed the spot by about 150 feet. I told those kids, who were sitting in lawn chairs about 15 feet off the edge of the runway, that they must not know how I land my Dragonfly. I got there just in time to hop in a C172 and fly 6 traffic patterns with my son at the controls. It was the first time that I flew with him as the PIC. He is working on his instrument rating this semester.

Took off from Warrensburg and flew right over the top of Whiteman AFB and saw a B2 bomber (and a bunch of other military aircraft) sitting on the ramp. Nice and hot and bumpy and a little headwind (both going to the fly-in and on the way home). Landing back at Cuba I had winds about 40 degrees off the runway heading at 15 gusting to 20...but I made a nice landing.

I probably have about 400 or so landings in my Dragonfly, but it seems like I am always creating excitement at the FOD. My first landing at the fly-in this year was terrible...my landing with Ingolf after the parade of planes on Saturday morning was terrible...I flew for about 20 minutes on Saturday afternoon and my landing was terrible...then I get back to my home airport with nasty winds (and no one watching) and make a nice smooth pretty landing. It seems that I fold under the pressure. At the next FOD fly-in I want everyone to turn around and look the other way during my landings.

I went out last weekend and practiced landings while flying from the right seat because I figured that I would be giving a few rides and wanted to let the other pilot fly in the left seat if they were taller than me (more leg room in the left seat). I did 10 touch and goes in about 40 minutes and except for the first landing due to a slightly different site picture, they were all 10's. I mean nice squeakers. Then I get to the fly-in and I would rate my landings at about a 5.5, 4, and 6 on a scale of 1-10.

At the last FOD I hosted in Sullivan I made about 1/2 the crowd soil themselves when I was flying with David then the next morning I just about ran off the side of the runway. Last year wasn't so bad. Due to the winds we did not fly much...I think I only had to land 3-4 times and I do not remember having to change my drawers more than I normally would.

Dragonfly N41GK - 2nd best Dragonfly at the fly-in....there were only 2 Dragonfly's at the fly-in. My grandpa used to always joke with us that he was the 3rd smartest kid in his class....but there were only 3 kids in his class. I hope we have more Dragonfly's at the fly-in next year.

I enjoyed visiting with you guys at the fly-in and hope we can do it again next year. THANKS Spud for all the hard work you did putting the fly-in together!!!


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