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Jim Patillo


When you fly for "cheaper" the drill is always the same. Hurry up and
wait. I've flown all over this country on my United passes for years
and its only getting worse. Having said that, like you, I still
like "cheaper" when possible.

Looks like every one had a great time. Sorry I couldn't have made it
but its down to Vegas this weekend in the Q to see a highschool
friend I haven't seen in many moons.

Jim Patillo Q200 N46JP

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To piggyback off of Jerry Marstall's fluent note: As darkness
clanged down
hard over Dallas, I was in Tulsa watching a grey wall of dark cloud
meandering toward the airport. As I have told about how I like to
fly at
550mph on a gratis stand-by ticket, here is what it costs me. From
EMP I drove to
KCI and got there about 2pm. I missed 2 packed flights and was
told the next
3 to Dallas were sold out too. So just to get out of a sardine-
crowded KC
airport I hopped a flight to Tulsa, just missing a flight to
Dallas by 4 minutes
then waited another hour and a half for the next one. I got home
by 10pm.
Hell, the Johnson's in their ol' 172 has probably gotten back to
Utah by then!
Modern air travel should make you want to FINISH THAT PROJECT.

I concur with Jerry that these fly-ins are more than just air-
opportunities and a chance for a ride. Even more than that, they
are annual
reunions with genuinely fine and positively- spirited fellow human
beings. Its
better than a state fair or a wasted weekend in front of the boob
toob. I hope
Spud, the grand master of this one, and Jeff and our friend in AZ
can bask
from time to time in the satisfaction that their work has created
enormous joy,
accomplishment and friendships that they will probably hear very
about. Not as grand as being responsible for starting a war
somewhere in the
world, but a proper human accomplishment.

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