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If it was Sunday at about 10:45AM, then it could have been Kevin and
I. I would be impressed if he could see us from the ground because
we were at 5500 feet. On the way down on Friday we were much lower
(2500 feet?), but also much slower because we had a 30 knot headwind!

Sorry you couldn't make it this year, we had a great time!

- Paul

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I did not get to attend the fly in this year do to some
problems but I was at the airport today and a guy asked me if I had
any idea
of who might have been flying two airplanes like mine across the
Mo airport area. I asked if they were coming from the direction of
and he said they were and two of them flying in formation headed
He said the were going very fast in formation and looked
impressive as
hell ... Could only be Kevin . Terry or Paul I thought.
Darrell Daniles
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We made it back to DVN nonstop in about 2.5 hours. Nice tail wind.
Spent some time with Terry and Paul, then headed home to DEH.
Beautiful flight from EMP to DVN, rough as hell from DVN to DEH.
Thankfully it was only 50 min. More tailwind!!!
Good to see everyone, old and new. Thanks to Spud and Jim for the
great event.
Next time I buy cards at wolly world!!!!
Oh by the way, Doug, kiss my ass... ; > )))))))
See what you miss out on by not being there?
What happens in Emporia stays in Emporia.

Kevin Boddicker
Tri Q 200 N7868B 76 hours
Luana, IA.

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