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Ok, looks like we all got home from EMP safely. So for you, ahem, "next
year" guys here's a little of what we did and what you can expect next year:

Most attendees were in position by late Friday afternoon. Unlike last year,
weather was outstanding and CAVU. At 5:30 simultaneous Q and Dfly forums in
the a/c'd comfort of a couple of nice rooms in the FBO offices were held. Then
we beat it on over to the Golden Corral Steak House buffet where too many
wise-guys were making snide comments about what was on various plates. The
blueberry pie got hit hard even with the low grumbles about the late arriving ice

Satiddy am we got a little surprise. Airport mgr. Don Tevis had cleverly
promoted an airport open house which brought a 100+ crowd to a fine pancake
breakfast. We had a lot of extra interest in the 11 planes we had on the line and
that was kinda nice. Probably another 8-10 interesting birds flew in among
them an unpainted RV-10, a coupla Cozys and a very nice Stewart S-51 Mustang
with a throaty big block Chevy engine. What I don't like about P-51 replicas
is the usual wimpy prop (the Titan T-51 comes to mind). I was told this guy
had cut down King Air blades which accurately reflected the paddle blades in
WWII. Loved his growly departure!

The city was holding a charity golf scramble at the adjacent golf course and
asked if we would do a pass overhead (inasmuch as they couldn't get the
Airforce to send a brace of F-16's, I suppose). The city's movers and shakers
(100 or so) were gathered around the flagpole where uniformed vets raised the
flag amid the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem. Our boys came over
just as a long-winded preacher reached his "Amen." We added a nice touch for
them. I was there to describe the planes and thank the Emporians (?) for their

Back at the field nearly everyone went "cowls off," ate and gave rides until
the Aeroelectric forum at 1p. This is a valuable one, Bob discussed
eliminating radio noise among many other topics of interest to you.

More flying followed in the afternoon until the performance run. I will
leave a description of those shenanigans to the newsletter and even more at the
evening banquet which was conveniently held at the airport. Except to say that
I started out by announcing: "and now its time for YOU to entertain ME." I
wasn't disappointed! And there were loads of door prizes. Oh, Spud had a poker
game going among the Q/Dfly pilots. Pilots picked cards at several times
thruout the event then played the best 5 at the banquet. That rascal Fisher won
$100 (he showed me his first 2 cards the night before and he ALREADY looked to
be on his way to a great hand).

Last bird out on Sundae was Bruce's (plane vanilla) and Joanne. He had Honey
Lamb all buckled in and wired up when I told him nobody had done a fast pass
on departure and would he please do one for us remaining ground bounders. He
agreed... then invited me to go along. So out came a comfortably seated and
hooked up Joanne (thank yew, ma'm), and I "boarded." I hope those photo's of
my "boarding" remain privately held, gentlemen! But anyway, I think I was
Bruce's 8th rider of the weekend.

Thanks guys for bringing your planes:

Terry Crouch IA Q-1
Wayne Ulvestad SD Dfly
Jeff LeTempt MO Dfly
Paul Spackman WY Q/jab
Bruce Crain OK TQ200
Ernest Martin NC TQ200
Lyn French NE TQ200
Kevin Boddicker IA TQ200
Paul Fisher IL Q200
Sam Hoskins IL Q200
Dave Dugas Mass. Q2

Next year, be there or be square.


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