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Claire, let me see if I can craft a response that makes sense for this situation.

Larry scares the bgesis out of me more than piloting a Q of any kind does. He's making bad decisions, which he has admitted here. He's made a bad decision on more than one occasion. It has a tendency to make Q pilots like Paul Fisher (1300 plus hours in type) mad because if Larry kills himself, more than a few uninformed people will look at Larry's lifetime of flying hours and conclude that it was the airplanes fault. We "yell" at Larry because we do care and we don't want him to kill himself OR his wife. We really are trying to help him through this.

The fear he is putting in your mind right now is why we get mad. You are the future of our beloved airplane and he's scaring the bgesis out of you.

Why in the world Larry didn't work out the CG issues he had with more test flights and sand bags before putting his wife on board is what makes us mad.

Larry has two airplanes and he has wreck them both. That makes me mad.

The fact that he doesn't value his life or his wife's life makes me mad.

These airplanes are safe if you make good decisions.

Larry should respond to this email by saying "Yep, everything Doug said is right", but with his track record, I can't say that he will. And that makes me mad!

Doug "Hawkeye" Humble
A Sign Above
Omaha NE

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Do not take this wrong, I'm in the building stage, and trying to learn.
I think a lot of the problems with the Q2 may well be that people have
not been open enough when things went wrong. The safty record of what
to me seems to be the craft of my dreams scares the bgesis out of me.
I'm not questing your skill, or even why you did not finish all of your
changes before trying to fly it. What I want to know is:
was that "T" that you removed from the tail a flying foil. that is did
it provide a little lift? Could there have been a problem with a
temperary repair? From what you describe, or what I have read. I may
have done the same thing. Do you have an idea as to why the craft
handeled the way it did? Or did I missunderstand? Removing the "T" made
it act tail heavy?

claire johnson

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> forthcoming in help. The list is not as bad as it was 2 years ago,
> but it still has a way to go. Yes, I rushed things (only 15 hours and
> 12 landings), but after Air Force flight school and 15,400 hours plus
> aeronautics training, I made the mistake of getting over confident.
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