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He left the T tail in the hangar mate.



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This is NOT for Larry Severson who has far, far more experience and divine
protection than I have. As an amateur, I protect my safety by closely
those that go before me under the logic that if they don't end up in a pile
they must be doing something right. If you builders will take time to notice

(of course you must put yourself in position to notice... and that's YOUR
responsibility), NO Q2/200 or Tri at Sun n Fun, Oshkosh or Emporia this year
a T-tail. This mod was tried and discarded long, long ago. Of 8 birds at EMP

half were over 500 hrs and 3 over 1,000. None had T-tails. I haven't seen
in a very long time. If this doesn't tell you something then you must be a
bonehead. Take a look at the QBA site photos and tell me how many T-tails
see. (and I can't resist this guys: how many LARGE rudders do you see????).
Another subject:
I went to Livermore in 2006 to see their Q fly-in. I heard a story about a Q

builder who arrived from LAX with his wife in a C-150, ran outta gas, was
able to touch down some yards short of the runway but rolled up onto the
concrete then had to be pushed off. Any of you Livermore guys that can
this??? PPPPPP


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