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Allan Farr

Am I the only one who thinks people are being a bit too sensitive? Personally I enjoy reading the more controversial posts, but we all have the option to press the delete button if our sensibilities are being offended.

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Thank you Michael,

a minor point of clarification OTY = Over To You. The moderator here
has done a fine job (in my opinion). I completely agree with self
regulation and that works when everyone plays by the rules.

The suggestions offered are to deal with what happens when "Raoul's
rabid dog gets loose in the asylum". When "down pooch" no longer
works, every foreign car is barked at whilst chased down the road, and
Jim M's tree is no longer the designated potty area, then what?

The flag idea is a good one - it could be as simple as adding the word
flag in the subject line of your response.


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> This puts a lot of pressure on the OTY - but I hope will help change
this back to a great site! I think 99% of the ownership is on the
individual - it is a shame that we have to have a baby sitter (OTY
moderator) - but some of us probably just _think_ we are helping and
need to learn to do it more effectively (as you mentioned below!
ideas are great - proof is better! my Dad told me that there are 1000
ways to solve a problem and get good results - just because it is not
your way - do not take offense!)
> I wish there were some way that we could put anonymous "flags" on
some postings to help the OTY moterator notice these offensive
postings easier. If the posting got more than 3-4 "flags" it
would/could be obvious too.
> Hope you had fun at the beach! We all need times to unwind!
> M.
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> Gentlemen,after the last disruption and having time to think about
theimplications (on the beach, I must confess) I turned my attention
tohow we might learn from what has gone before and make the future
listbetter.There has been, as you might expect, considerable off line
discussionand it has some very useful content. Off line is off line
and that isthe way it will stay, but let me float a few ideas across
the groupwith the aim of canvasing support and putting in place a few
guidelines.1. Disagreement is fine, personal attack is not2. Stick to
the topic3. Name calling is out4. Relevance is in, irrelevance is out
(who decides?) moderator OTY 5. Civility is in, rudeness is out (who
decides?) moderator OTY6. Common sense check - before you post, ask
this question : what doesthis post add to the collective good?7.
Defence is fine, Feuding is out (who decides?) moderator OTY 8. I
limit : count the the number of times I, me, my is used in thepost -
(more than three and you would be better to retire to the bikeshed for
personal relief)9. 1 month ban option read only (who decides?)
moderator OTY 10. Short and pithy is better than long and windy
(stature included;-))Sorry, I have run out of fingers... (but there is
always one left foremergency use)Thoughts?John
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