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Ron Weiss <ronweiss4@...>

-Doug, I discussed this with a aeronautical engineer who saw my
plane, He said it was smooth enough and would be fine. I appreciate
your concern, but, I've already done the research on this. I blended
the stripe into the paint....Ron-- In Q-LIST@..., "Doug
Humble" <hawkidoug@...> wrote:

Ron, in the photo that shows your engine, it looks like there is a
red stripe with white stars painted a long the leading edge of your
canard. Is this correct?

If so, I ask the group, isn't this a no, no for our airplanes???
Didn't someone do something similar and have bad flying qualities, or
do I need to drink more of my coffee this AM?? Hope I'm wrong, but I
don't want Ron falling out of the sky.

Doug "Hawkeye" Humble
A Sign Above
Omaha NE
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--If you go to Photos, you'll see the begining of this project.
keep adding photos as our progess moves along. ...Ron- In Q-
LIST@..., "Ron Weiss" <ronweiss4@> wrote:
> Hey Guy's, If anyoneone is interested in a P-38 style cooling
> with the ducts on the rear tailcone, I have the molds made and
ready to
> make parts! I've spent the better part of 4 months working on
> plugs. The system requires 2 older Ford air conditioning cores
> between the mounting brackets and the rear bulkhead. It was
designed by
> a mechanical engineer who is working with me. We'll be testing
> system soon to see how well it works. Jon Finley's design is
> for a P-51 style, however my exaust pipes come out the bottom.
So a
> side intake system seemed more reasonable. If your engine
> water cooling, this is one more option you may want to
> not interested in making money, so if this an option for you,
> posting my results and let you know how the testing is going!
> system works well for me. The EJ 22 is a heavy engine and the
weight in
> the back of the plane helps to elieviate this problem. This is
> experimental ground were on kiddies. Fun, Huh? Ron

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