Flight report

Kevin Boddicker <trumanst@...>

I got to fly tonight for the first time since I got back from Emporia.
I did some high speed taxi tests first, then into the air. You'll see.
Back around for a landing. Taxi back to TO again. Flew down to my
normal airport. It is closed for some construction. Then flew back
and landed. Both good landings. I may make DEH my home airport. The
manager and FBO would like me to stay. Haven't decided.
I have endured the annual from hell this year.
The main gear attach bolt was broken in two. Replaced it, decided to
replace the other. Bolt too short. Ordered two longer bolts. Too
short. Ordered an AN76, finally long enough for the right side. Left
side, an AN74 worked.
Timing was out. Took off engine for the fifth time since Christmas.
The internal parts of the mags were loose. Got some new parts to fix
them up. Got the engine on the same day I took it off. Thirteen hours
later. Started it up after the oil change. No oil pressure. Took off
the filter and back filled the pump. OP came back after a while. I am
sure there is no damage as I only ran it for a few seconds each time.
I worked on the baffle seal and inner cyl baffling to try to get the
engine to run cooler.
The jury is still out on that one. The temps are within range, but I
would like to see them cooler.
The ground handling was improved. I think the bolt had been broken
for a while. It was not an AN bolt.
A grade 8 with cut threads, and the grip length was all messed up.
The bolt broke where the threads ended. Go figure! My bad though, as
I did not check them. Just trusted the previous builder.
Lessons learned:
Don't trust anything a previous builder has in place, check it out!
Use Sam's condition inspection checklist. Makes overlooking something
less likely.
Be through, it's your ASS.

Glad to be back in the air!!!

Kevin Boddicker
Tri Q 200 N7868B 76.5 hours
Luana, IA.

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