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Jerry, the photos do not appear in the email. Could you please upload them to the Yahoo groups site?

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You may all remember Ingolf. He is the really nice German fellow who
attended the Emporia fly-in. He has sent some really neat photos of an
interesting looking canard flying craft. He also has a question that he
would like answered. Can anyone help him out?
> Jerry

Hello Jerry,

5 Weeks ago we met at the tandem Fly-In in Emporia and I promised to
send you the German/Swiss high aspect canards of the 1980´s, attached
are impressive pictures of either light powered to footlauchable glider
planes that were 20-30 years ahead of their time (and the market

<<canard colibri.jpg>> <<canard 2FL laufversuche.jpg>> <<canard 2fl.jpg>>

Plus I have a question concerning the profile of the Q2 since I am
building a radio controlled version 1/3 scale version at the moment:
Attached as well you will find the profiles for the LS1 canard and the
Main wing (LS 417 and Eppler 1212) as I found them in the Internet (not
on Doug´s site, he couldn´t help) -> Question: are these the right
profiles ? >From the Q-planes on Doug´s resource site I could not really
estimate how the final profile looks like. I would be glad if you could
take a look at the profile pictures.

<<eppler1212.gif>> <<ls417mod.gif>>


P.S. In case you see Earnest please say Greetings and Thanks for the
ride, All the best, Ingo

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