O-200 performance

Sam Hoskins


I ran in a little race this weekend, the Memphis
Took first place in the Sprint class - took second and third, for that
matter. The Sprint class is for aircraft with engines of 240 cu in. or

It was fun, a triangular course with sharp points, 108 nm. Headwind on the
first two legs gave me a ground speed around 172 kts. At one point on the
tailwind leg I was showing 200 kts. in straight and level. I ran the engine
wide open and was showing 3,050 RPM most of the time. Craig Catto prop.

Final speed was 206.25 mph.

The Sport Air Racing League <http://sportairrace.org/> was formed this year
to promote local air racing. Check it out - anyone can do it and they are a
lot of fun and you meet a lot of neat people. The only qualification is you
have to be willing to participate. But be careful, if you get the bug, you
may not be able to shake it.


Sam Hoskins
Race 22

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