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I am still in the airplane shopping stage and was thinking of a Q2, how ever
only have about 30 hours of Champ time and 300 hours total time. Wondering if
that is an ok plane or if I need to get some more experience before I hop into a Q2.

Quoting jon@...:


"Compared to what?" is the first question that comes to mind.

I can only answer with the experiences that my Q1 and Q2 have given me. My
Q2 has had the Gall wheel alignment and per-plans single lever brakes. With
that in mind...

Compared to a C150, yes. Compared to a Luscombe, Citabria, average
taildragger... I don't think so. However; I don't have time in any
taildragger other than Q1 and Q2 so this comment is based only on what I've
heard from others.

I've not felt it first-hand but it would seem that the Jim-Box Six-Pack tames
the Q2 even further. I did ride with Jim P. once and his plane certainly
seemed very stable on the ground from the right seat.

No, I don't fight my Q2 on landings. It is necessary for me to be an active
participant in the rollout phase (actually, all phases) but I certainly do
not feel like I am fighting the plane or that it is out to get me.


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Is the Q2 at all squirrelly? Do you fight it on landings?

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Great analogy Steve! I sweat just looking at the video. Anyone complaining
about the handling qualities of this airplane can be sent to Jon's video.

Doug "Hawkeye" Humble
A Sign Above
Omaha NE
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Is that your driveway with a centerline. It can't be much narrower????

Great video..
Steve Ham

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... and another video. This one is a takeoff and landing filmed from the
approach end of the runway.

The last entry (currently) on my Video page:


Or directly:



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