Re: Motor fuel vs Epoxy

John ten


the problem appears to be that not all mogas is created equal. If
your version is free from ethanol, it appears that there are fewer /no

Definitive advice is available from Gary Hunter who is the epoxy guru
on canard aviators. If anyone wants additional information I am happy
to contact him on your behalf.


--- In, "Richard Thomson" <richard@...> wrote:

Hi Guys,

Perhaps another option is to make some alloy tanks, then the problem
disappears. The difference in weight would be negligible, and
bonding would
far more effective. The other option is a bag liner, but I'm not
sure that
it would work.

I am using West system (which is specified for the VariViggen by
for the fairing and repair work on the TriQ. It has been very
successful so
far, but I will try a sample with Mogas and see if it is affected.

Richard Thomson
TriQ200 G-BMFN

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