Test Flight report

Jerry Marstall <jnmarstall@...>

Not much of a test flight, just cruised around.
I am standing up to key this in because I just can't come down enough to sit down.
Launched at 11:20. Another perfect day: no wind, clear skies and cool.
As before, it leaped off much quicker than I am use to. Climbed briskly to 7,500' and leveled off. The real mission was just to let it run to continue the break-in. I think I am there. Here are the numbers. Dont' have a spinner on yet nor wheelpants. It appears the Catto Prop is a climb prop by the rpms. It will pop up to 2850 real quick. Haven't run it wide open yet in level flight.

OAT = 39F; 7500'
145 mph - TAS
Manifold pressure = 22
Oil Pressure = 40
Oil temp = 210
CHT = 300/310/370/360 Since this flight I have cut down the baffles in front of cyl's 3 & 4 to try and even out the temps on those two cylinders.
EGT = ? My KSA gage is so difficult to read that I am not real sure what they were. Will fiddle with it some more and report later. All I can tell you now is that cyl's 1&2 were within 25 deg of one another and 3&4 were within 25 deg of one another. The difference between the two groups was 250 deg.
6.6 gph at 2600 rpm.

I can't begin to express the difference in the flying characteristics from before. It now feels like a much larger airplane. To my amazement, it is now a hands-off airplane. At 7,500' in cruise, trimmed, it would oscillate up and down 25' either side of level. With the individual elevator trim capability on the torque tube I could trim it wings level and it would stay there. Now I can actually fold a map without doing aerobatics.

No vibration (and the prop hasn't been dynamically balanced yet), and a lot quieter than the Revmaster. I have 4-into-1 exhaust.

It was a real thrill just drilling around up there with such exhilaration. I would say that I had forgotten how much fun this is to fly but this is a totally different airplane than I was flying before. No comparison. I even refer to the previous version as "the other plane". It was a grueling experience over the last 3 yrs 8 months, but WOW what a reward.

As everyone says, "keep building, its worth it."
Starting next flight I will start working on the envelope.

Only minor squawks: leaking valve covers (using silicon), springs on the stick trim are too strong, GPS not interfacing with the Dynon. All pretty minor in comparison to what I had been fighting.

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