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Paul Buckley <Buckley@...>

I have the plans and constructional notes for the 'Waddelow' canard but I
will have to photo-copy them as I don't have a scanner, and send them snail
mail. This may take a couple of weeks.
Essentially the canard is laid up the same way as the main wing with the
following differences :-

No dihedral [or anhedral !]
All spar caps longer and tapered
Extra spar cap on upper surface
Extra shear-web from BL15 to BL 57 at 30% cord
Main shear web at 60% cord [the carbon spar is at 55% cord]
Main shearweb reinforced
Glass ribs at BL 15
Cordwise reinforcing strips, 6" wide, on top surface at BL 16
Slightly different planform to simplify cutting cores and fitting elevators

.......and that's about it !
It should be noted that this canard is for the Tri-Q only, whereas the Larry
Weishaar and Jim
Doyle canard would appear to be good for the tail dragger.

Paul Buckley

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Does anyone have the Waddelow carbon fiberless canard plans? Pictures
are good to. Ah likes pitchurs.
Bruce Crain

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