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FR Jones <seabeevet@...>

Your remarks concerning your Quickie, I could have written, even to the
My wife wants me to sale it, but even though I have so far, only taxied
around the airport, I still have my dream of flying it... so I keep working.

On Jan 28, 2008 1:56 PM, Richard Thomson <richard@...> wrote:

After 18 months, I'm still stripping paint, and controls, and engine, and
instrument panel, and electrics, and fuel, and canopy, and landing gear,
furnishings, and T Tail ( which is repaired and refinished, but now will
come out to have reflex fitted).
But I did know that I would do 50% of that anyway, and 25% is rebuilt, so
only 75% to go, but still 35 % of paint still to strip!
Its worth stripping the paint, cus you can see what else needs doing, BUT
you also need to take it apart to see what else you cant see that also

Good luck with it.

Richard Thomson
TriQ200 G-BMFN
richard@... <>

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