Q2 Propellor on Order


Calling all Q2 pilots - I have a little bit of an activity update to
fill you all in on. I have sold my Tri-Q N87TQ and have begun to move
in a direction to begin completion of a Q2. The motor is at Revmaster
getting fitted with 94 mm bores on 78 mm stroke stoke crankshaft. The
cylinder heads are by Great Plains and it looks like we will be aiming
for a 8.2 (or less)to 1 compression ratio. The engine also gets a
modern Revmaster cam. So if everything specs out just right, maybe I
can expect an honest 78 horsepower.

I just spoke with Jay Anderson of Cloudcars Propellors and I am in the
que for a new prop. Jay mentioned he would like to tool up for
multiple orders over a single order if possible, so I am asking the
group to find other potential buyers (Q2 pilots who might be getting
close to needing a new prop)who might be out there.

Otherwise, I would love to hear about your particular propellor and
engine combination, performance, temps, etc.

Jay is backlogged so I may be waiting approximately 4 months before
taking delivery. The prop I am interested in will be designed for


Phil Lankford

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