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Hi everyone

It has been a while since I was on this list but thought I might "sign up" again and see what was new in the Q-world.
I am still in the slow process of rebuilding a Quickie (reattach the tail and install the trailering joint mod) and am still considering different engine options. I have a Konig radial engine that I thought would be a reasonable option, however it makes me a little weary when I cannot find anyone who is flying with one in a Quickie. What's the reason for this? I have also tried to locate parts for the "Stubbs Aero Super Quickie" conversion, (e.g. engine mounts, cowls, etc), but again I can't even find anyone around the world that has removed this installation in disgust! Is there anyone out there who can enlighten me?
The fun engine option would be the 503, but I'm really not all that keen on that option due to the fact that an engine out over much of the country side that I fly over would be more than just an inconvenience.


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