Re: spar caps

Larry Severson

Reagan's statement, "Trust, but verify", will always be true when building a plane.

1. I did not say that the canard was a 30G design. QAC did.
2. I did say that the design canard spar caps did not go far enough to adequately protect the tip gear.
3. I stand by my statements that the TriQ is unlikely to place stresses on the canard equal to those experienced by the dragger.
4. The LS1 canard without the CF spar will be very close in strength to the main wing. It would NEVER stand up under use with tip gear.
5. The "ugly" repair work that you cite withstood the accident while original construction parts did not. I have proof in my hanger.
6. Cerritos College is considered the best composite school in the U.S. I received 18 units of instruction there.

I have already spent over a year working on design changes to the Q2 design that I feel are important. I have not started actual work because I have not been sufficiently sure of certain aspects of the strength requirements. When I am, it will be built from the Q2 hulls that I have in my hanger. The Q2 is a beautiful, efficient plane, but it has design deficiencies that are not necessary.

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