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but you serous guys are serious. Hope it helps you squeeze an additional
tenth of a knot out of her, Sammy.

A Prof of mine once said: We are becoming so smart these days that we are
knowing more and more about less and less so that soon we will know all there is
to know about nothing.
Many of us know that FIRST you get the plane out of the garage and into the
air. Then you can fiddle-fart around with the miniscule details. If you don't,
there is a high probability you will never finish your project... and some
other guy may. A number of you guys have acquired earlier started projects to
prove that.
Now as for Sam, he has a thousand flying hours on his and now is a fine time
to look for that tenth of a knot here and there.
When you get in the air... and IF you get in the air, you will be tickled
plum to death if you are flying along at even 140kts. So FIRST get out in the
shop and DO something... regularly! (and enjoy the arcane discussions late in
the evening when you are outta the shop and dont let them divert your

And finally: Better is the enemy of Good.


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