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Thanks for the info guys. I thought that's what the answer would be.



Jerry Marstall <jnmarstall@...> wrote:
Not mine. If a Q can't get out a Tri-Q definitely won't

quickieq2uk wrote:

Can anybody tell me realistically what the take off and landing
distance for a Tri-Q is? I have a friend who owns a 600m grass strip
and another guy who is based there has just bought a Tri-Q and is
expecting to base it there. I only have experience of the Q2 and
certainly would not attempt to take a Q2 in there. My friend is
quite rightly concerned about having a machine based at his strip
that may be unsuitable to be operated from it and he asked me to
check whether or not a Tri-Q would get in and out of a strip that
length, as I am fairly doubtful it would.

Simon Wilson
United Kingdom

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I've been looking through the archives trying to figure out what a
reasonable expectation for a minimum TO/LD distance is for these
planes. I have encountered everything from 700ft (Mike!) to 3500
ft. If you want, post the distance that YOU takeoff/land in.

Please also include:
1)if you've got a tri (you might be able to hit the brakes harder)
2) Your prop--unless you like to land deadstick
3) any mods, esp the reflexor (and its setting) or VGs.
4) GVW during the TO/LD
5) field condition: wet, asphalt, grass?
6) whether you're pulling the stick aft, neutral, or fwd.
7) the airspeed @which you flare, hit the brakes, call your wife,
do other important things.

Hopefully, we'll be able to identify what it is that those short
landing guys are doing right. But I've got a personal motivation
too. There's an airport by my house (CGS) that's 2607 x60ft and
could represent a high pucker factor.

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