Tailspring replacements

Mike Perry <dmperry1012@...>

I'm re-reading the old newsletters. It's obvious there were many
tailspring (TS) breaks in the early days. I have questions about why the
TS broke and about replacement choices. I also need to replace my TS --
probably start on the tail cone work in about 2 months. Questions:

1) Did the QAC tailsprings break because of bad design or bad
production? That is, would a properly constructed 5/8 inch glass rod be
strong enough? Would making it longer help? (more length to dissipate
shock loads?)

2) Has anyone tried making their own TS?

3) What do experienced flyers recommend for replacement? I am aware of
spring steel (Patillo) and cut-down Dragonfly (Farnum) tailsprings. Are
there other options?

4) Is their a current source for a Dragonfly TS? I thought Aircraft
Spruce took over D-fly sales, but I don't see the D-fly in the current catalog.

Mike Perry

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