Re: How to get on the Q1 list?

John ten

Hi Rob,

a 1/72 scale model will require a microscope...

There is an engine installation section, it is very clever and simple,
short load paths, minimal hardware.

I will check the tail FS for you.

Have a look in the weight and balance data, I seem to recall the
relevant data was in there.

Re the Q1 group, most if not all reside on this list as well.
The value of a separate listing is debatable, I guess it depends on
whether you are a "lumper or a splitter".

The Q performance group has a different mission as a platform for the
experimentalists. It is accepted by all on that list that what they
propose / trial is different from the accepted configurations.

Hope that helps.


--- In Q-LIST@..., Rob de Bie <robdebie@...> wrote:

Hello John,

I recently found the Q1 construction manual as a PDF, and found it
fascinating reading. Composites structures are my daily work, but
it's such a wide area of technology that you learn something new
every time you study a composite structure. Also, I've been thinking
about trying to build a 1/72 model of a Q1 (I'm a scale modeler).

My idea was to simply read the Q1 list messages and learn from that.
I don't have urgent questions. I can only think of two that came up
while studying the manual:

- does a manual exist for the engine installation? The manual that I
have stops at the firewall. The original engine installation is what
interests me most.

- how long is the tail spring, or put in a different way, what is the
FS for the tail wheel axis? The manual doesn't seem to tell that

It seems the Q1_Aircraft moderator is too busy to approve new
members. I've applied for the third time, but still no response.


At 09:07 24-03-2008, you wrote:
What exactly do you want know, Rob?


--- In Q-LIST@..., Rob de Bie <robdebie@> wrote:

Hello, a couple of months ago I subscribed to the Q-LIST in a search
for Q1 information. I was a bit puzzled by the lack of Q1
information, until I found out that there is a 'Q1_Aircraft'
list too.

Through the YahooGroups site I tried to subscribe, but a couple of
weeks later I got a message that "Your request to join the
Q1_Aircraft group was not approved. Your membership was
rejected because the moderator didn't approve it within 14 days." I
reasoned that the moderator may be busy, so I tried again, but with
the same results.

Does anyone know how I subscribe to the Q1_Aircraft list? Thanks in

Rob de Bie

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