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Mike Dwyer <mdwyer@...>

My reasoning is a tail dragger wants to switch ends when there is more mass behind the center of lift (the main wheels when on the ground) than there is forward. I had a buddy that could fly anything, he overloaded (a normally docile) Tailorcraft with rear CG and couldn't keep it on the runway. Anyway, moving the wheels forward without some professional study is questionable...

Mike Q200

Peter Harris wrote:

Mike I think less likely to ground loop but the additional weight aft could
fail the tail cone or tail spring.


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Moving the mains forward will increase the weight on the tail wheel, possibly increase the tendency to ground loop (more weight behind the wheel?) and make it harder to make a nice smooth wheel pant shape.
Mike Q200

Allan Farr wrote:

Since Q's are supposed to takeoff and land in a three-point attitude I
presume there is no reason why the main wheels couldn't be positioned
further forward so that the a/c would be less likely to tip onto its nose,
especially when braking. I'm only talking about 1 or 2 inches. Any thoughts
out there?


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