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Allan Farr

Thanks Mike, that's very interesting. I'll check out the articles you mention.
Thanks also Peter, presumably the amount of twisting involved would be very small & could be varied by raising the tail.

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Another consideration is that if the axle is not located directly under the
spar there is a twisting moment tending to change the AOA when parked in
the hangar.



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I'm trying to re-read all the old newsletters (bedtime reading -- doesn't
make me sleepy ;-)). In Quicktalk #18 there is a letter from Sheehan
advising moving the axle forward up to 3/4 inch; in Quicktalk #19 this is
discussed further and the writer notes that the templates for the
wheelpants for the LS-1 show the axle location 3 in. forward for the LS-1
vs. GU.

Not sure if this helps -- Mike Perry

At 11:04 AM 3/25/2008 +1300, Allan Farr wrote:

>Since Q's are supposed to takeoff and land in a three-point attitude I
>presume there is no reason why the main wheels couldn't be positioned
>further forward so that the a/c would be less likely to tip onto its nose,
>especially when braking. I'm only talking about 1 or 2 inches. Any
>thoughts out there?

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