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Allan Farr

Ok thanks. Actually I wasn't that serious about moving the mains forward as I suspect that wouldn't be enough to prevent a Q from tipping onto it's prop (or worse), but I was interested to see if others had thought of it or done it. What brought this about was me lifting the tail of another Q2, my (incomplete) Q seems lighter in comparison.

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Hi Allen,

I would tread carefully if I were you.. here is why.

Firstly, there is no actual problem that needs fixing by moving the

Secondly, the wheel positions have been established to be in the
right place (FS wise)- alignment is another story and you can read
David Gall's thesis on the subject, together with a number of folk who
swear by the results - heaven knows what they started with or how it
got to be built that way in the first place..

Thirdly, wheels further forward is likely to be destabilizing for
reasons explained before. The consensus of opinion is that the
original Q2/2XX configuration is hardly a paragon of virtuous handling
but name a tail dragger that is... you might want to carefully watch
Jon Findley's fine videos to see what level of skill is required.

The solution is either ensure your skill levels are up to the mark or
admit defeat and build a Tri-Q. The Aussi three surface Eagle took
this route. Skill levels include not trying to operate off
inappropriate length and width runways. The correct fix for inadequate
skills is to become more skillful or get an airframe which requires
less skill.

It is no solution to repeat the errors of those who have gone before
and and try and fix one problem by changing something else which was
not broken to start with.



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Thanks John. Sounds like moving the main wheels forward slightly (3/4"
for GU) is recommended? & that the LS-1 mains are 3" further forward
than standard GU location.

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check this out for a readers digest understanding..


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