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Subject: [Q-LIST] List Structure (was Re: q-1)

This list is getting totally out of control. This list is, or at least
used to be, a source of support for builders and fliers of Quickie and
Q-2xx/Tri Q experimental aircraft. Lately we have everything but common

I vote for a moderated list, that is, anything posted gets reviewed
before being posted. One guy can't moderate all this trash, it needs to
be a rotated position among at least a half dozen people.

This list is now moderated.

...and Mike is right, the task is too large for one person.

So I sorted the list of members by date, oldest first, and picked the first
few people that I recognized as long-time members of this list who have
given this list value and I gave them moderator privileges.

This was a little difficult to do with some of you using yahoo names that I
couldn't recognize so please don't feel slighted if you would normally
qualify and I didn't select you. Some of you too have your accounts managed
in such a way that I couldn't give you access.

Anyhow, here's the list. If you see your name and don't feel up to the task,
let me know and I'll switch you back.


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