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As I hear it, the problem with simple waivers is that they don't cover
non-parties like the person killed when the plane goes through their

I am not a lawyer, but I'd be interested in finding out if you could
get not only a waiver but also a promise to indemnify, and be named as
a beneficiary on an insurance policy. Wouldn't that also cover both
damages and court costs even when a non-party sues you?

Even so, for lots of people the benefit of selling the plane just
isn't worth the risk of a lawsuit, no matter how small.

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Paul, you apparently live in a country with a reasonable tort
system. Some
of us don't.

Mike Perry

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Why cannot the vendor get the purchaser to sign a disclaimer which
that he understands that the aircraft is un-airworthy and is sold for
parts only?

Paul Buckley

I wouldn't sell mine for the earth!

Swap for a Ferrari?............................. maybe.

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In some ways, the real risk is the risk of having to defend
yourself in a
lawsuit even if you win. Bring $$$.

A jury of my peers? I doubt it. More likely a jury of people who never
build anything.

I could discuss the extortion inherent in the American Legal
system, but my
wife objects when I start frothing. Good thing it's early in the
day so I
have 12+ hours to settle down before I go to bed.

Mike Perry

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Who's Liable?
The ultimate test of the product liability of the homebuilder versus
the kit manufacturer will be a liability trial with a passenger or
other innocent party as the plaintiff.

The plaintiff must prove that a defect in the aircraft caused
injury. Normally in this type of case, the plaintiff must also prove
who designed and/or manufactured the defective component which
caused the crash.

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Hi Robert, I can't afford the liability of selling it as a flying
If someone can use the parts though I'm happy to make them

Dave Chalmers

On Sun, Apr 20, 2008 at 8:52 PM, Robert <robert@>

Dave, why don't you sell it whole. I would be interested in
buying it.

Rob Hickson


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It's been a fun 270 hours in my TriQ200 but it's time to
move on.
I'm parting out N4016G. If you're interested in any of the
pieces let me
know. I have listed some of the avionics on ebay - there's the
autopilot, Dynon EFIS, Becker transponder, ACK encoder, Microair
Monroy traffic detector. Look for items listed by 'triq200'.
I'll be
the O-200 and Lightspeed Electronic Ignition (with mag hole
pickup) out
there soon.

I got to meet many of you over the years. It's been a pleasure.
If you're
still building keep at it - it's worth it.

Dave Chalmers
TriQ200 N4016G
Redmond, WA

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