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John ten


Remember that the scarf for each layer is one inch per laminate layer
at each edge.

Good luck with the repair.


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Quickie Builders,

I do thank Mssrs. Hoskins, Patillo, Masal, Buckley, Severson,
'johntenhave', and others (whose names I may not have been able
to extract from my PC) for all your advice and comments.

The situation is that I have removed the lifted-out fiberglas
skin, and the foam is intact, and the wing is otherwise not
deformed. So (unlike Bob McFarland's infamous experience, in
which his pour-in-place foam did NOT fill the void), there is
no need to insert foam or replace a block of missing foam. It
is a question of the fiberglas skin/spar replacement strength.

I understand that replacing glas is treated in the manual, and I
will do this (and NOT replace the wing: I've done that once
already, and I do not wish to build a THIRD upper wing !).

Thanks again,

Thomas L. Cline

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