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Allan Farr

We sure do live in a beautiful country, maybe the best? Wait, you mean America don't you - oops;)

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T'was another beautiful morning here so I went for a flight. I was trying to figure out where to go/what to do and decided that it was time to go vertical. So, up we went. I made it to 13,000' and still had 600 fpm rate of climb. I was quite pleased! That's the highest I've ever been in my Q2.

Numbers were:
10,000' - 95mph IAS - 700 fpm
12,500-13,000' - 95mph IAS - 600 fpm

Density Altitude at 13,000 = 15,200'

120mph IAS (at 13,000) = 152mph TAS - not full throttle, just motoring around. I don't have a manifold pressure gauge but I sure wish I did to see what my engine was thinking up this high.

Obviously the view is fantastic so I had to sit up there and enjoy it for awhile. What a beautiful land we live in - we are certainly blessed!

After landing I started wondering why I didn't keep going up?? I dunno! I was so happy about getting to 13k that I didn't even think about continuing. I guess that gives me something to do tomorrow!! I went up to 14,000' once in my Quickie so I guess I need to beat that...


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