Re: Tri-Gear nose gear purchase

Richard Thomson

On my TriQ, aligning the forward mount at the same line as the old leg,
flush against the firewall, the rear mounting was about 1 inch lower than
the old one ( that is, it is in fresh air below the surface.

If you clamp both mounts side by side you will see that it looks as though
the new leg is not at the right angle on the plate, as the wheel/tyre will
be an inch lower than the old leg, and the rear fitting is above the old one
by the inch.

So if you mounted it on the old bolt holes and accepted the angle at the
firewall, and allowed the rear mount to sit on the LS1 Canard surface rear
spar(the original rear mounting position), the wheel assembly is
approximately in the right location.
There is a height figure in the TriQ assembly notes that gives you height at
the rear point under the main landing gear, and at the front under the
firewall canard base.I think this figure is right for 600 pounds on legs.
I did mine upside down, but it works out the same waterline, and the castor
angle comes out right.

Other builders have used a simple packer at the rear mount on theirs to make
up the gap, but from my experiments, the castor angle will be larger. I
would not recommend that you do any tweaking of this angle, as this may put
stresses into the leg, which may cause it to fail later, when you least need

Rich T

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