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Allan Farr

Trouble with being a "new folk" is knowing who the "old folk" are (who are worth listening to). Quantity & quality of emails may be all we have to go on. I would be interested in knowing more about "2 dead but bold Q-guys who did things that others of us KNEW were wrong"

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Well said Jim. It's hard for the new folks to understand all of the
history we've seen over the years.

Paul A. Fisher (one of the old guys)
Q-200, N17PF

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> Hey, if you guys want to spout off about someone, why do you have
to involve
> the rest of the group -
> I can answer this question, Allan.
> I consider many of you as "the rest of the group" because I
> Quicktalk/QTALK for some 15 years. I was here before belly boards,
LaRue brake
> mods, and Jim-Bob six packs. What I know that you may not is that
there are many
> graduates of high school aeronautical engineering programs and
other curbstone
> colleges who know many more things that Burt Rutan never dreamed
of (and
> he's got a pretty wild imagination). Now LaRue flew his mod
successfully and so
> did Jim-Bob with their six packs. But when you were in grade
school and I had
> black hair there were many other yokels who were re-engineering
the Q design
> from their mouths with fantasy and guesswork. If you keep it in
your own
> head until you prove it out or crash, that's OK. But if you
publicize your idea,
> get someone else excited to try it and HE wastes his money and/or
> that ain't OK. As an editor, I took the responsibility to keep
> ideas out of print and I railed loudly against modifications of
these airframes.
> In the age of the internet this responsibility is not so easy to
> There are at least 2 dead but bold Q-guys who did things that
others of us
> KNEW were wrong. And you can suppose that some of us even today
don't want that
> to happen again. And so, even if it offends your sensibility, some
of us
> feel responsible to react loudly on this web to unsupported data,
a history of
> poor decision making, unusual or quirky ideas, questionable
> pontifications, etc. etc. so as to raise a red flag of warning to
newbies who,
> unlike yourself, can't easily distinguish between helpful and
> information. It's a free country and some of us are going to keep
on top of this... it
> may be a matter of life and death to someone.
> And just to show how pervasive "funky mod thinking" is, just this
> weekend an apparently otherwise intelligent individual proposed
an "appliance" to
> be added to his Q which he thought would slow down the approach and
allow him
> to get into 1500-1700ft. short fields. THIS ISN'T THE PLANE. If you
want to
> fly around Nevada investigating old ghost towns, buy a gatdamn
Piper Cub. (I
> hope that doesn't offend you).
> And that's my opinion for the "rest of the group" that came after
> j.
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your travel
> deal here.
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