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Jon Finley <finley@...>

Sam, Mike, Larry,

Thanks for the input. Since my plane doesn't exhibit the behavior you guys
are talking about I suspect my templates are not accurate. I will work on
this, get a digital level, and report back.


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I'm with Sam on this if the Canard is mounted as you said "canard
(WL) were mounted nose down relative to the wing (WL)" then
the airplane
lifts will not be balanced according to the weight distribution. I had a
plane like that.

The quick solution:
Fly around with full (or nearly full) aft stick. OR
Reflex the ailerons up- a lot! (about 30 degrees to the
streamlined setting)
Add weight aft. How about 8 lbs. on tail stinger and 60 lbs. of gas in
baggage area.

The final solution:
Cut off canard and increase incidence (about 1 1/2 degrees for me)

Now plane flys "normal" with all surfaces flushed in.

I have also flown other Q-type aircraft with this problem.

Quickly looking up this topic in my database I see this problem was also
discussed in several "QuickTalk" articles in the early 80's where the
authors write about changing the canard incidence but do not discuss why
they changed the incidence or the amount or direction and the change. I do
recall an article that did discuss this and his reason for moving canard
incidence up, but I couldn't quickly find it. Jon, if you need more info
write and let me know.


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Hi all,

A not so hypothetical question: How would a Q2 act in the air if the
(WL) were mounted nose down relative to the wing (WL)?

Jon Finley
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