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Allan Farr

Could his heirs be liable? That's ridiculous. Put the a/c in a container & send it to a more sensible country;)

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Thanks Pat:

I'll pass this along. I think he already has a group he's planning on giving it to.
But one never knows. You might want to tell me more about your organization in case.
Give a hollar at kfly@... if you want to be off list.


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> Is he being advised correctly?

Hi Keith,

In this litigious country, nothing can spare him or his heirs from any law
suit. The best thing for him would be to donate it with the stipulation that
it be deconstructed and sold as parts, or donate it to a museum with the
same stipulation.

Either way it's a sin for a flying aircraft to ever be decommissioned,
especially one that was built by an amateur, with his own hands.

One option, and I'll be blatant about this, is to have him donate it to us.
We can keep it flying and use it for a very good cause, to help promote our
charity. We'll sign any "covenant not to sue" that his attorney would write,
including any restrictions he may want us to follow.

As far as I can tell, we have the only charity out there, for aviators, by
aviators, especially experimental aviators.

BTW, I'm picking up a donated Dragonfly this weekend.


> We have a member of our EAA chapter who will turn 86 on Oct. 30th.
> He is a former WWII fighter pilot and has built and restored several
> aircraft over the years.
> He is planning to fly the Spacewalker he built one last time on his
> birthday and then donate it.
> His attorney said that he will prepare a disclaimer the beneficiary must
> sign prior to taking possession of the aircraft. The attorney said this
> will free the builder of any liability connection should the beneficiary
> sell the plane in flying condition which is probably what will happen.
> Question:
> Is this correct.
> Thanx
> Keith Welsh
> Quickie N494K

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