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Allan Farr

Hi. So in your opinion West System is ok? One Skydog said the opposite - I'm confused;(

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I correspond with Mike Bergen, who makes composite parts for the US Navy.
He is really knowledgable and a trusted source ( as is One Skydog).
Here is part of Mikes comment from Auguse 28 of this year.

I would stick with the Aeropoxy, MGS, WEST System or ProSet epoxy that I
speak to in the articles. Some are different than others. The toughest will
provide the best resistance against hanger rash and other impact anomalies
and interlaminar strength. Sure, there is a lot more choices since the early
80's, but there has not been any significant advances since my articles in
2003. However, the only comment that I made, that is outdated, is about the
WEST System epoxy not being a laminating resin. This is not true anymore as
Gougeon has reformulated it to be a very good room temperature laminating
resin. With Gougeon ProSet you can achieve much higher properties with
post-curing. Many buy on price, but I buy on life insurance. The cost of
materials is typically less than 10% the cost of the total airplane and the
cost of the resin would be even less."

I used to use AeroPoxy, but switched to ProSet several year ago. ProSet is
pricey, but is tougher than the others and is great to work with. I used
West for all the non-structural filler, before painting.

Sam Hoskins
Murphysboro, IL

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> Getting spooled up to begin completing a Q200 Kit, I purchased from
> a gentleman who has done a pretty decent job. Question: Which epoxy
> system do most prefer? Looking through the Aircraft Spruce
> Catalog...never realized there were so many different kinds, like non-
> structural and structural types. Do most of you use the structural
> only. Appreciate your thoughts and your comments...great site.

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