Re: Q1_Aircraft - old files

Ryan <rryan@...>

The new group is a replacement for the Q1-list not the Q-performance
list. It will have 2-3 moderators at all times. We welcome visitors
and new members that wish to share information about Quickie
aircraft. Membership is "public" until change is necessary. --Ryan

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There are only about 700 Messages in the Q1 group. I could move
organize them over to my forums using a "screen scraper"
If Ryan can't be located and another moderator added to the list
solution IMHO) then if the files could be "scrapped", put into a
search able *.pdf or *.DOC file and then deposited in the
Q-performance files section we could make these old files
available to
new readers.

Another idea is to start a new Q group but use it ONLY for files
photos. This has worked out well for some other YAHOO groups with
more info than space.

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