Re: Q2 in Chino

instructor_bill <instructor_bill@...>

Hey there Jim...

Not totally sure if I'm the "fella" you're talking about having
contacted you.

I'm still thinking about it. With the GU canard and single circuit
Hydro brake-- I'm still quite on the fence. I'm hoping to make it
out to see you, Bob, and the others out in LVK soon.

As it stands right now, I'm just learning all I can about the Quickie.

The Q200, and Suby-Q are most interesting to me so far.

I still have your email somewhere, but may just be giving you a call
before I plan to visit one weekend coming up.

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<logistics_engineering@...> wrote:

Quickie Group,

Anybody know anything about N24LM home based in Chino? Who built
Charles Coleman appears to be the current owner? Your detective
work is
greatly appreciated.

I've been contacted by a fella who is interested.

Jim Patillo
N46JP Q200

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