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Hi instructor_bill,

It sounds as though you may have been hooked by the scare mongers. I know, I
know - you guys can slap me around at the next fly-in! ;-)

A PROPERLY setup GU canard with single master cylinder brakes is a perfectly
good airplane. However; I am NOT a Revmaster fan. That's what I fly (not
the Revmaster) several times a week from (and back onto) a 37' wide runway
and I don't have any problems (and I'm not related to the Yeager's). My
plane is also NOT one of the "slow landing" Q's - I have to be over the
numbers at 90mph. See the following link for a video of said activities (the
9th one down titled " Takeoff And Landing From End of Runway - 10/24/2007"

A GOOD wheel alignment and brakes that do not bind are mandatory. The only
real downside of the GU is having to have the VG's installed. Some mention
the weight carrying difference. I guess my only suggestion is (while at LVK)
to ask Alan Thayer how he felt my plane flew at Beatrice this past summer as
we were "fully loaded+" - also ask him how the ground roll felt.

Is there something better? Yes, I do believe the Jim-Bob Six Pack is
"better" than the above. I'd like to have toe brakes, the swiveling
tailwheel, an LSI (mostly for a "clean" look - no VG's), a Ferrari Enzo, a
summer home in Tahiti, and a Piaggio Avanti. However; I have what I have, I
enjoy it, and feel that it is safe (hence no motivation to change it).


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Hey there Jim...

Not totally sure if I'm the "fella" you're talking about having
contacted you.

I'm still thinking about it. With the GU canard and single circuit
Hydro brake-- I'm still quite on the fence. I'm hoping to make it
out to see you, Bob, and the others out in LVK soon.

As it stands right now, I'm just learning all I can about the Quickie.

The Q200, and Suby-Q are most interesting to me so far.

I still have your email somewhere, but may just be giving you a call
before I plan to visit one weekend coming up.

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Quickie Group,

Anybody know anything about N24LM home based in Chino? Who built
Charles Coleman appears to be the current owner? Your detective
work is
greatly appreciated.

I've been contacted by a fella who is interested.

Jim Patillo
N46JP Q200

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